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Monday 12/22/2014
Mostly sunny and pleasant
High Temperature23°C
RealFeel: 23°C
Tuesday 12/23/2014
Nice with plenty of sun
High Temperature25°C
RealFeel: 26°C
Wednesday 12/24/2014
Sunny to partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant
High Temperature27°C
RealFeel: 25°C
Thursday 12/25/2014
A morning shower in places; otherwise, periods of clouds and sunshine
High Temperature28°C
RealFeel: 27°C
Friday 12/26/2014
Mostly sunny and humid with a shower or thunderstorm around
High Temperature30°C
RealFeel: 33°C
Saturday 12/27/2014
Rather cloudy and humid, becoming breezy with afternoon thunderstorms
High Temperature31°C
RealFeel: 32°C
Sunday 12/28/2014
Mostly cloudy and humid with widely separated thunderstorms
High Temperature32°C
RealFeel: 36°C
Monday Night 12/22/2014
Clear and cool
Low Temperature14°C
RealFeel: 12°C
Tuesday Night 12/23/2014
Low Temperature18°C
RealFeel: 14°C
Wednesday Night 12/24/2014
Partly cloudy
Low Temperature21°C
RealFeel: 18°C
Thursday Night 12/25/2014
Clear and humid
Low Temperature23°C
RealFeel: 22°C
Friday Night 12/26/2014
Partly cloudy and humid
Low Temperature23°C
RealFeel: 23°C
Saturday Night 12/27/2014
Considerable cloudiness and humid with a couple of thunderstorms around
Low Temperature23°C
RealFeel: 25°C
Sunday Night 12/28/2014
Partly cloudy and warm
Low Temperature24°C
RealFeel: 22°C
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